“Business, Human Resource and Executive Development Strategies”
artan Consulting proudly operates as a strategic partner with its worldwide base of clients. Our focus is on creating human resource strategies and designing processes that add competitive advantage in the marketplace through improved productivity, enhanced employee morale and increased customer satisfaction.
Stephen S. McIntosh, Ph.D.

Tartan Consulting offers a wide variety of products fully customizable to your organization's needs. Among these are:
•Business-linked human resource strategies
•Customized computerized business simulations
•Human resource marketing plans based on Tartan Consulting's unique Strategic MaHRketing model
High performance teams
Arbitration, mediation and conflict resolution services
Assessment processes, including 360-degree, Myers-Briggs, FIRO-B surveys,and full assessment centers
•Competency-based learning systems
Accelerated executive development
Senior level team building

A partial listing of Tartan Consulting's clients include:  
Disney, Valspar, Balchem, Kraft, National Starch, Brush Wellman, the New York City Transit Authority, Asashi Glass (Japan), Wabash Valley Power, Amway, Colonial Bank, BS Utilities, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

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