e can help you identify your high potentials and prepare your next generation of leaders by creating an assessment center based on your strategic business plan.

Our assessment centers can be implemented in their existing generic form or they can be easily customized to "feel" like your own organization.
The proven approach preferred by most Tartan Consulting clients involves four types of measures:

1) Leadership Survey
Critical success factors are measured in order to provide each candidate with a frame of reference for self-improvement. Candidates receive feedback from their supervisor and co-workers. This offers an unbiased appraisal of candidate strengths and areas for improvement. In the standard survey, over 30 items in five major categories are statistically analyzed, and participants receive confidential, anonymous feedback in numeric, comment and comparative form. The five
categories in the standard survey are: Technical, Principles and Values, Teamwork, Customer Orientation, and Leadership.

The in-basket is designed to test the candidates' adaptive thinking, problem solving, administration, planning, organizing, delegating and integrative skills while under pressure. Participants must deal with emails, handwritten notes, telephone calls, reports and memos.

3) Individual Exercise
In a mirror of their own situations, participants play the role of a supervisor who must deal with an employee issue. A number of interpersonal skills and behaviors can be observed and measured; among these are relationship building, conflict resolution, coaching, counseling, listening, persuasion, problem solving and adaptability.

4) Team Decision Exercise
The candidates work together as a group to solve a realistic, practical problem with considerable data and no one best choice. They must come to a resolution and prepare and deliver an overview presentation of their decision. Communication, team decision making, influence, strategic thinking, confidence, flexibility, team leadership, problem solving and analytical skills can be observed and measured.

Feedback and Development Planning
Each candidate is given an individualized feedback report on strengths and areas for improvement. Development guides and an outline for development planning are included in the packet.
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