artan Consulting offers a wide variety of fully customizable assessment tools. These include the Tartan 360, a multi-rater feedback process which evaluates leadership performance on your company's key success factors. The process can also be designed as an opinion survey for measuring employee satisfaction and organization climate. Many clients have moved to using our 360-process as a performance appraisal tool for all employees from entry level to CEO.

Tartan Consulting will help you identify and define the critical skill sets, or competencies, of your key positions. Each participant receives feedback in the form your organization considers most valuable.
Most clients ask for self-other comparisons, along with manager, subordinate, co-worker, and internal and external customer comparisons. Participants are also given competency category rankings along with high and low item ratings.

Compentency Example


  • Practices two-way communication
  • Provides relevant, timely information
  • When giving feedback, sets a positive tone and shows balance
  • Actively listens
  • Appropriately summarizes, clarifies and confirms during discussions
  • Does not interrupt or otherwise minimize the opinions of others
  • Is fully attentive when someone is speaking
  • Documents are organized and clearly written
  • Makes a positive impression through written and verbal presentations
  • Allows enough time to discuss ideas to their conclusions

360-Survey Feedback Format

  • Self-Other Gap Analysis
  • Cross-Group Comparisons
  • Rank Order of Competency Scores
  • Highest and Lowest Rated Items
  • International Normative Data
  • Comments
  • Development Guides
  • Action Planning Outline
Other Available Survey Programs
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Organization effectiveness
  • Multi-rater performance appraisal
  • Cross cultural non-English based employee and customer surveys
Development Guides are Constructed for
Each Customized Competency and Item
Suggestions for Behavioral Change
Quick Tips and Steps
Logical Assignments and Projects
Designing Continuing Feedback
Application to Job Duties
Readings, Audio-Video Tapes
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