The Wall Street Journal (excerpted)
Fourteen spouses of fast-tracked employees attended a recent one-week session aimed at helping them learn more about (the company) and cope with work-family conflicts.
The spouses talked about their problems, including frequent transfers and travel, maintaining a sense of personal identity when married to a fast-track professional, and helping children cope with the parent's demanding careers.
"Any fully successful manager has to be able to balance career and home, and spouses are critical to that effort."
Dr. McIntosh says.

he Wall Street Journal has praised what has evolved as Tartan Consulting's innovative Accelerated eXecutive Leadership (AXL) program. Dr. Steve McIntosh designed the principles, concepts and practices of while working with a Fortune 500 firm. This predecessor of AXL was recognized as one of the world's sixteen best practices in management development.

Participants receive extensive holistic feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement. These form the basis for a life-long learning plan which integrates activities for improving effectiveness at work, with family, in the community and with oneself.

A battery of assessments is used to set a measurable foundation for improvement. Typically, included are a customized 360, Myers-Briggs, FIRO-B, change/conflict management, and emotional intelligence.

Competency-Based Learning Systems, such as the AXL, are applicable throughout your organization.

Fundamental to building a workforce for the 21st century is the need to form employee practices around competency- based performance strategies.

Selection, development, continuous learning, personal growth, succession planning and reward processes are more fully integrated into the business strategy, more clearly understood and accepted by employees, and the impact on business performance is more readily measurable when individual and team competencies provide the foundation for workforce strategy.

Call Tartan Consulting for suggestions on making your HR processes more value-added by moving from an activity-based to a competency-based HR system.

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