ur high performance teams (HyperTeams®) process actively involves team members in the decisions affecting the performance of the entire group and holds them accountable for the team's success. This proven approach to team building and change management has application in groups from the senior executive level to the shop floor. A unique "key-factor tracking system" provides a vehicle for measuring the cause and effect relationship between work team activities and business results.

Before the implementation of a HyperTeam® process is undertaken, a customized Work Team Readiness Assessment is conducted.

Conducting a Situation Analysis and Readiness Assessment
In order to be successful, it is critical to understand the extent to which the various elements in the organization are prepared to accept and implement change. Two methods are used to make this determination.
  Situation Analysis
During the Situation Analysis, Dr. Steve McIntosh meets with the organization's leadership. This includes one-on-one sessions with the members of the leadership team, and group meetings with HR professionals, the supervisors, and any other informal leaders who can provide insight into a discussion around:
• the organization's strategy, markets and goals
• market and technology changes that are impacting on the organization
• lessons learned from previous attempts at resolving conflicts
• past practices and norms of behavior
• goals, expectations and measures of a successful reduction in conflict
• workforce issues
• policies and procedures that typically cause problems
• the perception of leadership style and leadership values
Readiness Assessment
Following the Situation Analysis, a Readiness Assessment is conducted. Where the Situation Analysis is a qualitative critique, the Readiness Assessment is a detailed, quantitative analysis of issues, problems and other factors causing stress and conflict. Each of the factors is broken down into specific, observable behaviors. The results:
• highlight areas of potential risk and successes
• pinpoint the common factors on which the groups needs to focus their attention
• rank the areas of the organization with highest and lowest potential for change

According to line and HR managers, the results from the installation of HyperTeams is nothing less than phenomenal. Measures of employee productivity, employee morale and customer satisfaction all show dramatic improvements. For more information on measuring the results of HR and team processes, go to our Key-Factor Tracking System web page.

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