he HR Consultancy Assessment Process® helps you evaluate the level of your HR consulting skills and is taken from Tartan Consulting's comprehensive HR Competency Assessment Process®.. Using the scale set out below, answer each of the 20 questions. As a professional courtesy, we will score the assessment and provide you developmental suggestions on the five key HR consultancy competencies at no charge.

Almost Always

1. ____

links business needs with HR strategy
2. ____
understands the business, its markets, its competitors and points of HR entry
3. ____
projects and predicts HR related issues
4. ____
sets out quantifiable measures of HR effectiveness
5. ____
employs a consistent framework for evaluating situations
6. ____
finds unique solutions to problems
7. ____
recognizes the broad implications of a decision
8. ____
provides alternatives, choices and options
9. ____
starts with "yes, we'll figure out how to do that"
10. ____
leverages an assortment of resources
11. ____
thinks on ones feet
12. ____
takes set backs in stride
13. ____
"reads" a group well
14. ____
deals with the power and politics
15. ____
regularly seeks line manager counsel on various topics
16. ____
is a model of trustworthiness, ethical behavior and honesty
17. ____
knows when and how to say no
18. ____
seen as representing all sides
19. ____
capitalizes on areas of agreement
20. ____
integrates diverse values, opinions and ideas

For further information and insights into Tartan Consulting's HR Competency Assessment Process., contact Dr. Steve McIntosh at (800) 695-5730.
Send us your scores for interpretation and we'll send you ideas for improving your effectiveness as an internal human resource consultant.

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