Life Long Learning, Continuous Successes
through Leadership Excellence

The Southern Leadership Institute is dedicated to the principle of promoting life long learning and continuous successes through leadership excellence. We proudly provide a worldwide base of clients with high quality, cost effective training and development experiences. All programs are designed and presented with an appropriate balance of conceptual foundation and practical application. The Southern Leadership Institutes unique assessment processes offer every participant personal insight into their strengths and areas for professional improvement, and each leaves with a personalized development plan.

The Southern Leadership Institute is headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida. Due to the popularity of this beautiful Gulf Coast area, we suggest making travel reservations early. For more information, please contact our Southern Leadership Institute offices at (239) 947-4948.


Understanding and Applying Business Strategy

Understanding and Applying Business Strategy) is designed for high performing, high potential professionals needing exposure to the concepts and application of organizational strategy. The workshop introduces the fundamentals of strategy design and allows participants to practice these elements in a computer simulation. Each individual receives an assessment measuring that persons aptitude for strategic thinking. Using this information, Southern Leadership Institute professionals help participants build customized development plans for improving their abilities to create and implement organizational strategy.

Your investment: $1995.

Understanding and Applying Business Strategy  Topical Areas
Concepts and Foundations of Strategy
7 Confidential Assessment of Participant Aptitude for Strategic Thinking and Strategy Design
7 Computerized Business Simulation
7 Impact of Key Functional Areas
7 Interpreting and Integrating Financial, Operational and Market Reports
7 Conducing Situational Analyses
7 Personalized Development Planning around Strategic Competencies

High Impact Leadership

High Impact Leadership) provides participants with insights into their skills, behaviors and perceived effectiveness as leaders. Batteries of assessments allow each person to identify strengths and areas for improvement. The Southern Leadership Institutes High Impact Leadership) model distinguishes key competencies and behaviors on which participants will focus on their return to work. Each person practices honing those specific skills and receives feedback from the group, from video and from Southern Leadership Institute staff. Included in the workshop fees are post-workshop coaching by Southern Leadership Institute professionals for one year and a follow-up assessment survey.

Your investment: $1795.

High Impact Leadership  Topical Areas
Strategies for Effective Leadership
7 High Impact Leadership Model and Its Links with Organizational Results
7 Feedback from Assessment Battery
7 Leadership Practice Exercises
7 Development Planning
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