trategic MaHRketing™ positions the human resourses function as a business within a business. HR must be able to market its products and services or it cannot be successful. Participants in this workshop become fully acquainted with the value of the Strategic MaHRketing™ model as the foundation for generating a partnership strategy. A competitive analysis is conducted, high value-added impact points are identified, HR customers are segmented for better servicing, measures are derived, and a marketing plan is outlined.

Strategic MaHRketing™ Model
Strategic Platforms

The five strategic platforms are composed of the critical processes driving HR effectiveness.

Direction: Alignment of HR goals with business goals.
Initiative: Anticipating the needs of the organization.
Organization: Operating through a flexible HR structure.
Delivery: Assuring channels of distribution place the right HR product in the right place at the right time.
Accountability: Creating quantitative measures and setting responsibility for the successful implementation of HR products.
Marketing Skills

The five strategic platforms are each supported by marketing competencies.

Segmentation: Identifying key groups and recognizing the importance of their distinguishing characteristics.
Differentiation: Forecasting HR products and services to meet the specific needs of segmented groups.
Speed: Streamlined creative processes eliminate HR bureaucracy.
Product Managment: Handling HR products and services through their life cycle.
Augmentation: Using quantitative measures to fine tune HR products.
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